Rudolf Ambruch Fassadenpflege GmbH is one of the leading specialist companies for metal façade cleaning in Germany. Our core competence is cleaning with the seal of quality as well as the maintenance, care and restoration of metal façade surfaces.

Over 50 years of experience

In 1960, Rudolf Ambruch started Rudolf Ambruch Fassadenpflege GmbH in Stuttgart. The company has remained family-run to this day. Over 50 metal façade specialists work for us. As a medium-sized company we work for customers in Germany and Europe.

Pioneers in metal façade care

At the same time, we have designed new cleaning methods by developing Eloxal and coating methods. We became one of the leading special companies in Germany in the cleaning and care of metal façades with the seal of quality.

Specialists in metal façade restoration

During the course of the past decades, demand for metal façade restoration has risen. Long-term damage has occurred to many buildings due to neglect in façade care and damage resulting from the specific properties of organic coatings. We have therefore developed new restoration concepts for coated surfaces and implemented them successfully for our customers.

Co-founders of specialist quality associations

In 1984, we were the initiators and co-founders of the Gütegemeinschaft für die Reinigung von Fassaden Fassaden und Metallfassadensanierung e.V. (GRM) (Quality Association for Façade Cleaning and Metal Façade Renovation) together with trade associations at national and international level, renowned metal-working companies and cleaning product manufacturers. Rudolf Ambruch was President of the GRM from 1987 to 2003. Since 2003, our Managing Director Markus Müller has been member of the managing board of the GRM.

Our Managing Director Philipp Ambruch is a member of the Quality Committee (Technical Committee) of the GRM.


Headquarters - Stuttgart, Germany